Looking for the White House of Manaus Brazil? Visit Palacio Rio Negro!

When traveling through Manaus, The Palacio Rio Negro is a place no one should miss.  Every respectable country needs a massive, larger than life building for their men of state to call home.  In America, that building is the White House, in Manaus, it is the Palacio Rio Negro.   The building’s gorgeous and breathtaking design went from the blueprints to the brick and morter in 1903.  It was originally constructed as a home for famous rubber baron German Waldemar Schoz of Germany.  Coffee mogul Barão de Rio Negro did the majority of the construction. For reasons that remain unclear, German Schoz moved out and sold the estate to the Brazilian government some years later.

The beautiful Palacio Rio Negro was renovated in the 1980s to refurbish the brilliant marble and dark wood interior.  A treasured piece of Manaus Brazil History, the palace gives off a Victorian aire of wealth and taste.  The pale peach exterior is complimented by the cream-colored pillars and balconies extruding from every corner of this monument to human architecture.  The palace’s absolutely outstanding physical appearance is made all the more eye catching by the expert landscaping that surrounds the grounds.  Flowers, shrubs and trees native to the Amazon rainforest can be found in bountiful quantities right up to the front stair case of the Palacio Rio Negro. 

During the spring summer months, the palace is home to the president and men of state.  During the fall and winter months however, the building is used as a historical site for travelers and natives alike to tour.  Awash yourself in brilliant Brazillian history as you are told stories and events that date back to the 1800s.  It seems there is something for everyone at the Palacio Rio Negro.  For experienced coin enthusiasts, the palace is home to one of the most extensive and intriguing coin collections in the southern hemisphere.  For art critics and artists alike, the building houses an authentic Brazilian fine art gallery.  Boasting paintings that speak loudly of culture, history and early life in Brazil, the gallery is sure to please even the most savvy of art lovers.  History buffs will find themselves in a wonderful world of riches and government while the casual traveler in Manaus will walk in awe through the long, tall hallways and massive rooms full of rich, Brazilian dark wood furniture and stone construction that makes even the wealthiest man day dream of owning such an estate.

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