The Museum of Nature Science of the Amazon Rainforest

Tucked away in a location far off the beaten path of Manaus Brazil, the Museum of Nature Science of the Amazon Rainforest remains a timeless day-trip destination into the world of the unknown.  A thirty-minute cab drive outside the city will find you at the museum, a building that diverse cross sections of Brazilian wildlife call home.  Many Manaus natives avoid the museum because of how far out of the city it is, and because the wildlife that is on display can be found in their own backyards. However as a tourist and wildlife novice, you will walk through the museum in complete awe of the incredible animals, insects and downright strange creatures trapped in the Amazon, hauled out of their natural habitat and showcased in the museum for your viewing pleasure!
Strange and foreign animals can be scary at first, but Manaus natives tell a much more frightening tale of the Museum of Nature Science of the Amazon Rainforest: a tale of a haunting.  The story tells the tale of the Japanese entomologist who single handedly built the entire museum brick by brick, nail by nail, by his own hand.  Days before it’s completion and public debut, the man ventured into the forest to retrieve a few specimens of insects and rodents for a particular display.  He left early in the morning telling only his best friend of his destination.  It was the last time anyone ever heard from him again.  Folk lure has it that he was eaten by any number of Amazonian animals, depending on which native you ask.  Ever since that day, it is said that the man’s spirit haunts the grounds at night time, riling up the animals, moving displays around and causing general trouble around the Museum of Nature Science of the Amazon Rainforest.  In the past five years alone, the museum has been through six night guards, as no one seems to feel comfortable alone there after dark.

Ghosts are no reason to fear the museum; it is quite a wonderfully educational trip.  Animals, insects and plant life litter every inch of the grounds serving to teach any intrigued adult or wide eyed kid about their secrete life in the Amazon.  Any traveler seeking to discover the mysteries of the Amazon rainforest’s vast wildlife population will find the Museum of Nature Science of the Amazon Rainforest a thrilling and truly unforgettable vacation stop.  Its something you’ve got to see to believe.

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