Discover Word Class Opera At The Manaus Opera House!

If you consider yourself a musical enthusiast, the Manaus Opera House is one theatre you absolutely need to visit.  Located in the heart of Manus Brazil, the Amazon Opera House was built during a time when fortunes were being made in Rubber Boom period.  After much debate over style and size, the Brazilian government approved a renaissance style building in 1884.   Since its construction, the building has undergone four renovations, most recently in 1990.  Through it all, the original colors, art and design has been preserved.
The Manaus Opera House remains an integral part of Manus Brazil history. Unforgettable performances from the Italian opera, La Gioconda, by Amilcare Ponchielli are just a few of the big names that have left their mark on the Amazonian theatre.  Film buffs are also bound to have a memorable experience at the theatre.  The Amazonas Film Festival makes an annual appearance at the Manaus Opera House, drawing in film critics and independent directors from all over the country.  Any traveler who enjoys independent film is guaranteed to whiteness some of the best and most moving pieces of work around.

From esteemed opera critic Christina Lamb:

"Until four years ago, there had been no opera here for almost 90 years. Then a new governor of Amazonas was elected, a populist called Amazonino Mendes, who decided that his city should have a top-quality professional orchestra, choir and corps de ballet. He set aside about 1.5 million pounds a year, an enormous amount in a state where half the population is illiterate and living on about 60 pounds a month.
    As a result Manaus has become the focus of a most unlikely musical migration. Some of Eastern Europe's best musicians have been tempted from such orchestras as the Kirov to Manaus with the lure of much higher wages. In fact, 39 of the 54-member Amazon Philharmonic orchestra are from Bulgaria, Belarus and Russia. Even the archivist hails from Belarus."

Music and theatre performances from around the globe, the best of independent film and a historic background that intrigues even the casual explorer, what more can art fans ask for?  How about a beautiful and tropic location in heart of the Amazon rainforest?  Sights and sounds of pure beautiful nature sweep over the senses of tourists and never fail to make a lasting impression on anyone who visits.  Any traveler seeking world-class performances and cultural tradition awash in vibrant, living history should add the Manaus Opera House to their list of destinations.

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