Guide to Getting around town of manaus in Brazil!

As someone who has not spent much time in this region you are understandably unsure about getting around town of Manaus in Brazil. Your confusion, however, need not persist or cause you anxiety during your trip. In just a few short paragraphs you will learn to navigate Manaus with the skill and ease of a calm captain effortlessly steering his ship to its final destination.
Liberation of your concerns about getting around town of Manaus in Brazil begins with some basic information about public transportation there. One of the major means of transport is the Manaus bus system. Now, those of you who are familiar with American or European bus systems might be in for a rude awakening when you set foot in Manaus. Road conditions in Brazil aren't exactly the best, but Manaus buses and their drivers do the best they can under these circumstances. Bus rides are generally safe and affordable for all tourists and any hotel you stay at can put you in touch with a bus company they know or prefer.

A word of caution is in order regarding when the best time to take the bus is. From five to seven at night and seven to eight in the morning, buses are filled with commuters going to and from work, so it would benefit you to be mindful of this when planning your days in Manaus.

Hotels can also recommend taxi cab services if you need to get somewhere that isn't popular or common enough for entire buses to drive to. Taxi drivers themselves are also excellent sources of driving directions. Now how about getting to all those hot destinations?

The Opera House (or Teatro Amazonas, to the locals) is located in sunny Praça São Sebastião. The Opera House is a product of the storied rubber boom, the explosion of demand for rubber and rubber products that catapulted Manaus to fame and riches it has never known since. Today all tourists can take tours of the Opera House with the aid of English-speaking guides. The building can be reached via telephone at +559236221880.

Another place of importance for most tourists is the Mercado Municipal, the main marketplace for the city of Manaus. It is important to know where this market is, as many of your questions about getting around town of Manaus in Brazil will center around where to buy your essential items. The Mercado Municipal is located at Rua dos Barés, which you can tell to any bus or taxi driver if you need to. You can also call +55 92 3234-8441 for directions on how to get there from your hotel or apartment. As an added bit of cultural trivia, this market was inspired by the popular Les Halles market in Paris, France.

We'll end with one last word of caution, and that is to avoid the East zone, a Manaus unsafe neighborhood. Locals and tourists have countless horror stories of the crimes that take place in this treacherous area of town, and there's really no reason you should need to venture into it for the duration of your vacation.

Other than that, you should have little trouble getting around town of Manaus in Brazil.

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