Don't Book Your Rain Forest Excursion Without This Manaus Brazil Guide!

This Manaus Brazil Guide will clear up your confusion and pave the way for an unforgettable rain forest vacation experience. Consider this your one-stop visitors guide for tropical Manaus. First, a word about the weather. Manaus is warm year-round, with a wet season during the winter months. Temperatures generally hover in the range of 30° – 36°C (86° – 97°F). Clearly, this should inform your decisions on what to pack. Dress in easily removable layers and your trip will be as comfortable as possible.

Next in our Manaus Brazil Guide is the time differences. Manaus falls under the (UTC-4) timezone, which is roughly the same time as New York City. Those traveling from other regions of the world should take note of this difference and adjust their sleeping patterns in the days leading up to their trip. This will minimize jet lag and maximize your time and energy for enjoying Manaus!

Manaus Brazil city seen at sunset!

How about actually getting there? Manaus is one of the most isolated metro areas on Earth, part of why it appeals to those looking for an escape from their busy routines. However, due to this Manaus is only accessible by ground via two highways. Therefore, the Manaus Brazil Guide recommends you do as most travelers do: get there by sky or sea. Manaus city is served by Eduardo Gomes International Airport.

Next is the task of deciding where to stay. Hotels in Manaus range anywhere from $80-400 per night, depending on the level of luxury and sophistication you desire. However, many possible living arrangements exist. They include:

  • Hotels
  • Apartments
  • Timeshares
  • Hostsels

And much more. Manaus.info is an excellent resource that will connect you with living quarters that meet your tastes and budget.

Next stop in our Manaus Brazil Guide are the many attractions available to you. Since Manaus is a cosmopolitan city that sits very close to the Amazon rain forest, the city attracts large numbers of Brazilian and foreign tourists to the area. The Amazon offers some of the finest boat and land trips into the surrounding jungle, allowing tourists to take in the natural beauty of the rain forest first hand.

Popular sightseeing from Manaus Brazil, Travel the Amazon River! An unique experience where you get to see some wildlife!

Another fan favorite is the popular “meeting of the waters”, in which the Negro and Solimões rivers converge and extend for over nine kilometers. Trips along this body last almost six hours and displays the final formation of the mighty Amazon river.

By consulting this Manaus Brazil Guide and similar resources on Manaus.info, your trip can be both fun and affordable.

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Manaus Shopping

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